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You will find the answers here below very helpful! Take a look and see if you find the answers to all of your gate repair related questions. Here you will find answers to many frequently asked questions regarding gate maintenance, new opener selection and similar subjects

Do you know everything there is to know about gates? With today's systems being so complex and the technology of their accessories changing so rapidly, it's only natural that you will have questions. Check out the answers to frequently asked questions and learn new things

Why does my sliding gate often get stuck?

Sliding gates often get stuck when there is something obstructing the movement of the sliding gate wheels. So, check the ground. Take a look at the driveway gate track and if it's not bent, check whether the cement underneath is raised a bit. The roots from nearby trees expand quickly and could be pushing the concrete upwards. Also make sure the track is always clean and lubricated.

What is the cantilever gate?

It's actually a sliding gate that is not supported by the usual rollers common sliding gates have. Cantilever gates hang from rails, which are mounted on the fence. So, they are much wider than regular rolling gates since the rails must extend on the fence so that the entire gate will open and sit on the side part of the fence. However, they are much more reliable since they don't sit on sliding gate wheels which get worn or stuck on obstacles.

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