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Ready to learn more about gates, their maintenance, how to choose new ones and what to do when there are related problems? Find great ideas and suggestions here below! The best gate maintenance tips ever! These simple, well-written, short and plainly explained recommendations will definitely help you out

Install a new gate

Gates might not be replaced often, but there comes a time when they cannot serve you anymore. In fact, when they get too rusty, warped or rotten, our experts suggest getting new ones. It won't only be cheaper for you in the long term (since you will avoid constant expenses for gate repairs), but it will also be safer.

Check that your gate is balanced

The gate must be balanced. If it's not, it won't close well and will make awful noises. Since it won't be stable, it won't be very safe either. Gates lose their balance when supportive parts are loose. So, check the swing gate hinges, check the posts and the arm of the opener and make sure the sliding gate rollers sit in the track correctly and that the track is aligned.

Lubricate the emergency lock of your swing gate opener

Just like all the other locks on your property, this one, which is located on the bottom arm, requires proper lubrication maintenance. It's best to use a graphite powder lubricant which is formulated for locks. It is resistant to temperature drops and doesn’t attract dust and insects. To lubricate the lock, insert the tube’s nozzle inside and squeeze it until a small amount of the compound comes out.

If your sliding gate is not closing, check for obstruction to the wheels

Most often, there is a pebble or a piece of hard dirt on the track. If you find an obstruction, disconnect the gate from the opener to remove it. The other common cause of this problem is bending of the track. Often, it can be straightened, but in some cases track replacement is the only solution.

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