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Gate Repair Services
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Are you worried about the safety and performance of your automatic gate? Let us eliminate these worries by providing all of the gate repair services that you need. Our team of experienced professional has the right solution to any kind of problem affecting the panels, moving metal parts and electronic components. In addition to working by appointment, we provide emergency help when required. There is no type of gate that our company does not service. The design, make, manufacturer and year of production are completely irrelevant. You will get the perfect fix faster than you can imagine.

Top Results with Professional Gate Repair Services

Gate Repair Services in CaliforniaRely on us fully to resolve all sorts of complex issues. Is your electric gate not closing? Reach us straight away to get full assistance fast. Our technician will be with you shortly and run full inspection to determine the cause of the problem. When there is obstruction to the movement of the gate, it will be removed completely. If there is a bent driveway gate track, it will be straightened so that the wheel can move smoothly. If there is something wrong with the hinges of a swing gate, they will be fixed or replaced. We are trained and experienced in repairing these components. When component replacement is required, the new part will have the required specs and be strong, durable and dependable. Our technicians have everything needed to perform professional work.

Often, an automatic gate is stuck in an open position because of a problem with the electric operator. Tests are performed for identifying the components that malfunction. This will determine the gate repair method which will be used. All hardware and electronic parts including the receiver and the circuit board are fixed with the utmost care and close attention to every detail. Only the finest and most advanced precision tools are used for the job. Our technicians are very familiar even with the most innovative devices from top brands. Given all this, you can expect to get the best results. When necessary, faulty components such as sliding and swing gate safety loop sensors are replaced with matching new ones.

Problems with the structure of the gate should never be ignored. If you have beautiful wood posts and panels which have started to decay, reach us, at "Gate Repair Santa Ana", and we will restore their optimal condition without wasting time. The rotten material is removed and the gaps are filled and sealed with special material. With the application of protective paint or stain, the risk of decay is reduced to the possible minimum. Our method for repairing rusty iron and steel gates is equally effective.

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