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Whether you want the most sophisticated custom-made new gates or a basic yet functional set, let us do the installation job for you. Our company works with absolutely all types of automatic systems, from traditional swing ones to sliding and overhead ones. The size, make and design specifics do not matter in any way. You will have a flawlessly working gate which looks fantastic in the shortest imaginable time. Count on us for opener and intercom installation as well. You simply need to share your exact requirements with us and we will make them a reality.

Experienced Specialists Installing New Gates Quickly

New GatesYou will receive all the advice and guidance you'll need during the gate, opener and intercom selection process. Rely on our team to assist you fully with comparison shopping to ensure that you will have the ideal automatic system in the end. With our assistance, you will invest only in components of high quality. At "Gate Repair Santa Ana", we place major focus on the design, make and properties of all parts- from the posts and the hardware to the remotes to make sure that they are reliable and durable.

All the components for setting up the system will be delivered right on time. The space where the gate will stand will be prepared fully before the installation work begins. The structural and hardware components are secured firmly into place with the use of special techniques. These techniques are chosen in line with the paving material used. Only strong and durable bolts and brackets are used for installing parts such as sliding gate wheels. Our work does not end with putting all posts, panels and moving metal parts together. The panels are coated with protective material which will help keep them in good condition for longer. Our customers can select from different material and color options. All moving metal parts like swing gate hinges, for instance, are lubricated with a specially designed product to work as quietly and smoothly as possible.

The electronic devices are installed with maximum precision as well. They are set firmly into place and their settings are adjusted. When the opener is installed, the force is carefully chosen with the help of testing to ensure that the gate will close fast enough to be secure and slow enough to be safe. The accessories of the electric operator are set up with the same kind of accuracy as well. Our service includes gate exit sensor installation for giving the system the highest possible level of security. The intercom is installed and programmed for you as well.

If you are too busy to provide regular care for your new gate, you can use our maintenance service. It includes everything required, even preventive gate repair.

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